At Cal Student Central, ask questions and take care of key university business all in one place.


We can help you with:

  • Understanding your bill (related to tuition/fees) and payment options.
  • Granting delegate access to your information (e.g. to your parent) using CalCentral.
  • Residency questions, eligibility and appeals including impact on financial aid and fees.
  • Determining why your registration may have a hold.
  • Submitting completed forms and financial aid documents.
  • Financial aid questions, forms and refunds.
  • Enrolling in the Tuition and Fee Payment Plan.
  • Picking up your refund check.
  • Cal Grant questions and disbursements.
  • Completing loan entrance or exit counseling.
  • Applying for and picking up an Emergency Loan.
  • Questions about prizes and scholarships.
  • Turning in outside scholarships.
  • Completing certification forms for outside donors.
  • Verifying registration/enrollment status.
  • Adding/Dropping classes.
  • Learning about withdrawal options and the impact on financial aid and fees.
  • Ordering transcripts or verifications.
  • Discussing veterans benefits and the disbursement process.
  • Getting information about your study abroad financial aid eligibility.
  • Learning about Summer Sessions costs, financial aid and eligibility.