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Account Balance

You can view your account balance through your CalCentral account. Log in to CalCentral. Select the “My Finances” tab at the top of the page. There, you can see your fees due now, charges not yet due, and get your overall account balance. To view more account information, click in the link on the Billing Summary section that says “View Transactions”.

Make a Payment

For full details please visit the Payments & Refunds web page.

Payment Options

Payments will be applied to the oldest outstanding balance.

Via CalCentral

  • e-Check (no fee)
  • Credit card (2.85% fee for domestic card payments; 4.25% for international card payments)
    • The minimum service fee for card transactions over $20 and less than $106 will be $3
  • 529 College Savings Plan
  • International Student Payments via Convera or Flywire

By Mail

Late Payments

If you do not make a payment according to the due dates outlined, you may have a hold placed on your CalCentral account. Log in to CalCentral to find out if you have any holds, and if so, follow the instructions on clearing them.

Tuition & Fees

UC Berkeley students pay several types of fees, including a campus fee, registration fees, student services fee and others. Fees are automatically billed to student accounts and will be reflected on students’ monthly bills. All fees are subject to change.

Fee Remission

If included in your fellowship, registration fees, and/or nonresident supplemental tuition will be credited directly to your CalCentral account. If your fees have not been paid, please contact your academic department.

If you are employed as a GSI, GSR, Reader, or Tutor, you will receive salary and, if eligible, benefits (fee remission). Fee remission is a benefit of eligible employment, which offsets specific assessed fees in your CalCentral account. Fee remission only generates if there is an eligible GSI, GSR, Reader, or Tutor appointment in the payroll system. If you have not received your fee remission, please contact the department administrator in the department for which you will be employed. To learn more about graduate student academic appointments, (employment) please refer to the GSI, GSR, Reader, Tutor Guide and the Fee Remission Program Bulletin.

Residency and Fees

Residency for purposes of tuition is decided by the campus Residence Deputy — that means the decision is made at a campus-level, by UC Berkeley on behalf of the University of California. The classifications are based on the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) and supporting documentation. Decisions are governed by policies of the University of California.

You will be notified online if the Residence Affairs Unit requires documentation to complete your residency application. You are required to submit all requested documentation in order to make a residency determination. Go to: CalCentral, My Dashboard, Tasks, Residency Tasks.

For more information about submitting documents to the Residency Office, please visit the Residency website and review the “Submit My Documents” section.

As an international student, you will need to submit the Nonimmigrant Information Form (NIF) and send appropriate documentation required and requested by the Berkeley International Office.

Paying Your Tuition and Fees

Tuition and registration fees are due the Friday prior to the start of classes.

After the initial due date each semester, an e-bill will be produced monthly if there is an outstanding balance on your account. Your statement in CalCentral will have the most accurate information of what you owe for the semester.

Cancel for Non-Payment

Please refer to the Office of the Registrar website for information on the Cancel for Non-Payment Policy.

Withdrawal Impact on Fees

Refunds and Withdrawals

When you withdraw your registration, the fees assessed to your account are prorated according to the effective date of the withdrawal; it will depend on the effective date whether you would still owe any fees or if you would get any money back for that semester.

Cancellations,” and a student would not be liable for any tuition and registration fees to the University apart from the nonrefundable Admissions Deposit for new students.

After instruction begins, it will depend on the withdrawal date how much you would owe the University and whether you would receive a refund of any fees paid.

The Office of the Registrar’s website offers a tool to determine the prorated fee amounts as well as full details on the process. NOTE: The health insurance fee, Class Pass fee, and the Document fee (new students only) are nonrefundable and will remain charged at 100% for all withdrawals.

After You Withdraw

Students have the responsibility to monitor their account after submitting a withdrawal. Please make sure to do the following:

  • Monitor your balances in CalCentral for new invoices that result from your withdrawal.
  • You are responsible for all outstanding invoices.
  • Notify the Housing office and complete its move-out checklist to avoid additional fees.

Please allow four to five weeks from the effective date of your withdrawal for us to determine if you are due a refund. Continue to monitor CalCentral and campus email for your final billing statement and related billing notices.