Undergraduate Student Notifications

To save time, please read these notifications before checking in to Cal Student Central:


Office of the Registrar

Late registration and enrollment fees apply in September. A $10 fee will be assessed for all drops made after August 31. A $5 fee will be assess for all adds made after September 7. These late fees also apply to swaps, which involve both an add and a drop.

September 7 is the deadline to become officially registered--which requires enrollment, at least 20% of tuition & fees paid, and no blocks. A $150 late registration fee will be assessed after this date.


California Residency for Tuition Purposes

Transfer call to 510-642-7209.


Transcripts & Exams

If you are a summer or fall admit, your transfer and test credits will be posted and University requirements will be cleared by mid-October. You can check for updates by logging into CalCentral My Academics page. If you are missing credits and/or not cleared for University requirements after that time, please open a case with Cal Student Central.