How do I pay on the Tuition and Fee Payment Plan (FPP)?

To enroll in the Tuition and Fee Payment Plan (previously known as the Deferred Payment Plan), please follow these five steps:

Can I get a rental verification for my tenant?

We need the tenant’s written permission to release their information.

How do I get a rental verification?

For all rental verifications, please send an email to BusOps@berkeley.edu and Student Affairs Cashier’s team member will process the verification.

Where is my housing security deposit?

The process of security deposit refund begins ten days after the tenant is vacated in order for the Housing Office to assess any damage and/or cleaning fees. The remaining amount will be issued as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or as a check to the Local Address on file. For specifics on housing security deposits, refer to your lease or rental agreement. For other Housing questions, see: housing.berkeley.edu

Will employee meals expire?

After their last day of employment. (Check “End Date” in CSGold.)

Why are my meals blocked?

Meals are blocked due to past due payments needed on delinquent resident housing accounts or non-resident meal plans. Please check Cal Central for billing statements and due dates.

I tried to buy a meal plan online but my charges didn’t go through.

Most common issues with charges not going through once a student buys a meal plan online, is that the address on the Cal Central account does not match the credit card’s billing address. Please make sure that the student checks their Cal Central account billing address to ensure that it matches the credit card billing address.


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