What are my payment options?

How It Works:

  • Your tuition and fees are billed through CalCentral.
  • Billing statements are produced monthly online. For the most up-to-date information about your student account including new charges, adjustments, aid disbursements and payments, log in to CalCentral.
  • You may give delegate access to your parents/guardians if they need access to your bills. This can be done under "Profile" in CalCentral.
  • Want to pay fees in installments? The Tuition & Fee Payment Plan allows for monthly installments. Sign up through CalCentral.
  • Financial aid recipients: If you expect your fees to be covered by financial aid and your financial aid file is complete, continue to monitor your award payment status and statement in CalCentral to make sure your payments have been made before classes start.


Payment Options:

Via CalCentral

By Mail

  • Paper check


For more information on payment options, visit the Student Billing website here.