My fees are being paid by my department or covered by my academic appointment, but I do not see this in CalCentral. What do I do?

If included in your fellowship, registration fees and/or nonresident supplemental tuition will be credited directly to your CalCentral account. If your fees have not been paid, please contact your academic department.

If you are employed as a GSI, GSR, Reader or Tutor, you will receive salary and, if eligible, benefits (fee remission). Fee remission is a benefit of eligible employment which offsets specific assessed fees in your CalCentral account. Fee remission only generates if there is an eligible GSI, GSR, Reader or Tutor appointment in the payroll system. If you have not received your fee remission, please contact the department administrator in the department for which you will be employed. To learn more about graduate student academic appointments (employment) please refer to the GSI, GSR, Reader, Tutor Guide ( employment/guide/) and the Fee Remission Program Bulletin (