I am expecting a fellowship stipend and have not received my payment. What’s required before payment is made?

First, check CalCentral. If you do not see the stipend award there, check with your department or source of funding.

Unless noted otherwise in your letter or notice of award, you may expect your stipend payment in late August for fall, late January for spring, and around mid-June for summer. NOTE: Stipend awards that are processed via the Department Student Aid System (DSAS) may have different pay dates.

The Graduate Division will not pay stipend awards for students who are not registered. To be considered registered, a student must be enrolled in units, his or her fees and tuition must have been paid (or at least the first installment), and if there are any registration holds, these need to be cleared.

Graduate students may have their fellowship stipend deposited into their bank account by signing up for direct deposit, also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at calcentral.berkeley.edu/. Enrolling in EFT expedites the receipt of funds and prevents checks from being mailed to the wrong address. EFT activation takes about seven business days.

If you have not signed up for EFT, your fellowship stipend will be paid by check. An email notification will be sent to you once the fellowship stipend check is available for pick up at Cal Student Central, 120 Sproul Hall.  If the check is not picked up within ten business days, it will be mailed to your local address on file in CalCentral.

Stipend awards will not be paid for students who have a past due balance in CalCentral. Once the past due balance is cleared, the award payment will be processed and sent via EFT or by check to be picked up at Cal Student Central.