I've been awarded financial aid, how can I make sure my funds will be ready in the fall?

Follow these steps to be sure your financial aid is ready to disburse when the semester begins:

  1. View your financial aid awards and important messages on CalCentral, UC Berkeley's online financial aid system. You will need your CalNet ID to access CalCentral. New students can create their CalNet ID upon their first visit to CalCentral.
  2. Check CalCentral regularly. Throughout the year, CalCentral is where you will find updates to your financial aid award summary, as well as messages from us about payment status, any changes in your eligibility, and any financial aid requirements, such as forms we may need you to submit. Remember that changes you make to how many credits you take and living on or off campus will impact your overall financial aid award package.
  3. Submit forms or documents immediately. If your messages show we need a form or document from you, act quickly to get us the information we need to keep the process moving forward. A delay in submitting information we need may result in your funds not being paid out in a timely manner. Holds on your account can also delay disbursement of your financial aid.
  4. Complete loan documents. If you plan on taking loans, completing an entrance counseling session and master promissory note is necessary before these funds will be available. View your loan type and follow the correct procedure to accept your loans.


As long as your financial aid file is complete and your registration does not have a hold, aid will begin to apply to your finances in CalCentral account the first week of August. Check CalCentral to be sure documents are complete and view aid disbursed to your account. Refunds for financial aid in excess of your balance will begin a week before the start of classes.

There are two ways to receive your funds:

  1. The most efficient option is to have funds direct deposited to your bank account using direct deposit, also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  2. If you do not have EFT, a check will be printed and held in Cal Student Central (120 Sproul Hall) for you to pick up within three weeks prior to mailing through the US Postal Service.
    Note: There may be a wait and you will need a photo ID to pick up checks in person. Be sure to keep your address information updated in the event your check is mailed to you after the three week deadline for pick up.